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Read what others have to say about Rick Carrier:

When I came to Rick, I was about 100 points away from being able to get approved for a home loan. Rick took the time to guide me and tell me what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be. He doesn't play around with your time, if you follow what he says he will get you approved for a home loan. It took about 6 months and he was there the whole way, I feel like he went above and beyond to help me and my wife achieve our dream of getting our first home together. I want to thank Rick for everything he did for us. I highly recommend using Rick and his services to get your home.

- Eric

Rick is a great guy, with incredible response time to any questions we had. Initially, my husband didn't have very good credit, but with Ricks help we were able to get his credit score where it needed to be to purchase our home. Rick was very encouraging from the very beginning. There were days when we felt it was impossible, but Rick remained positive and assured us it would happen. We've been in our home for 2 weeks now and couldn't be happier. Thank you Rick for all your help! We'll definitely recommend you to any and everyone we know!

- David

Absolutely amazing. I would recommend this guy to any and everyone. We had a very tough loan situation, and if anyone can get it done for you it will definitely be him. Very upfront and honest, extremely good about keeping in contact with you and letting you exactly what needs to be done. Without him I don't know that we would have closed on our home. If I ever get a new home, I'm surely using rick again. Him and his team went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. He gave us very professional advice and dealt with all of our emotions that came along with all our difficulties. Don't use anyone else. Rick is absolutely the best option to any home buyer.

- Susan

Hands down the best in the business. Hes a great person and terrific at his job. Super Closer is the only words that can describe his character. Very professional, confident, honest, and caring which is very hard to come across these days.

- Jerry

I cannot recommend Rick Carrier enough. He was spot on and answered all of our questions during and before our loan process. Rick made us feel as if our home loan was for his future home and showed us that he actually cared. He made sure that we fully understood the process and stayed in contact with us during entire build of our home. Rick is great to work with and does not stop till his job is complete. It has been 13 months and he is still in contact with us. He is one of the best in the business.

- Nick

Rick responded quickly all the questions I had regarding the loan process. One remarkable thing about him was that he was always available including weekends to work on my loan to make sure that we met all the requirements within the required time frame. Rick also explained about homes value which helped me to make a wise decision on choosing my current home. I saved money in different ways thanks to his suggestions. Rick's accountability and ownership of the loan process impressed me. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in the market for a home.

- Zache

Richard Carrier will not let you down! Very informative! Before Rick reached out to me, there were many loan officers who claimed they could help me but would not return calls or turn me away after hearing my situation, NOT RICK! He put together an action plan to get my credit fixed the right way! Not through advertisements that claim x'amount of dollars to fix your credit. It took me a year to get my credit score high enough to qualify for my home loan, I stayed the course and Rick was there to answer any questions along the way! We closed on our beautiful 5bedroom home on 4/28/14, a date I chose personally (there was no running around or delays) Few people surprise me and Rick is among one of them! SUPER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,

- Jesus

I just used Mr Carrier for my home mortgage and he did a great job. His closing cost and interest rate was also great. His mortgage experience was really helpful when he showed me how to fix a slight glitch on my credit report too. The closing process went much better than I thought it would these days. Jim W.

- Jim

I have dealt with Rick several times over the last couple of years through our home purchases. Choosing and buying a home can be very stressful. Rick does everything he can to make the mortgage process as least stressful as possible. He is very knowledgable and his response time is second to none. He was very prompt is answering any questions we had as well as claryifying any questions regarding the loan process that we had. We will definitely use Rick in the future and highly recommend him to anyone look to buy a home!

- Lisa